Bespoke vs Made to measure

  1. Bespoke tailoring is a small business that works solely on customizing the entire outfit and creating a personal touch to it. Whereas, made to measure is referred to as a large luxurious brand.
  2. The key differences between both of them are time, price, fit, and customization possibilities. Bespoke business suits fit much better and comfortably than made to measure.
  3. Although made to measure takes lesser time than bespoke suits, the results of the suits are satisfying since it is highly customized.
  4. With Bespoke suits, you have infinite possibilities to customize the shape of your garment according to your needs, the color, the cloth, fabrics, and more.
  5. Made to measure doesn’t entertain too much customization, and therefore the pricing is also lesser.


Cuts, Fits, and More

Skinny, slimmer, relaxed, regular, and comfortable. These are a few of the key attributes you can expect from your bespoke business suits. Each has its merit since you have a choice to make a piece of your own, the one that looks and feels just the desirable way. You are not restricted to a rigid style, you have a choice, a pool of options to pick from. Your tailor must find the best cut, listen to your needs and fit it in your size. Relaxed fitting suits are far better than old-fashioned, straightforward ones. Bespoke suits are made for you, and not for the rest 10,000 men like you. Bespoke tends to enhance your overall posture, work on your appearance and improve it.

Clothing & Fabrics

You are spoiled with choices since you can choose from an exceptional range of fabrics, clothing in a bespoke suit online. Don’t let the option overwhelm you since you have to be practical in making a decision and ending up picking one. Go for fabric or clothing that doesn’t discomfort you or create itching. It has to feel good on your skin, one that you can carry on you all day long without getting tired or irritated. Since it is a business suit, the best way is to stick with 100% wool only. Cotton and linen are also quite admirable choices however in business life you need something not too formal or too classy. If you wish to try something different than wool, there is always room for preferences, so go ahead.

You should also give importance to other key areas like how tight the fabric needs to be, it needs to be smooth enough and not too tight. The weight refers to how heavy or light the cloth is since these factors determine the warmth, durability along comfort of clothing. You will want your suit to be not too warm, not too cold and one that holds your shape well. The weave is the type of pattern for the threads to be woven.


Single Breasted or Double Breasted?

For a formal-looking approach, wherein you need to make a very strong and solid impression in your business environment. A Double-breasted suit will make sense since it appears to spark a very formal image of yours. You can also wear it in your office at times, in case of any meeting, presentation, etc. The double-breasted suits tend to help you stand out and highlight your appearance well.

In the corporate crowd, you can be in the limelight and gain a very good position, especially when you want to make an impression. With that, there is no bad element to wearing a single-breasted suit, just the formal touch won’t be too much. Your bespoke tailor in the USA will provide you a good glance of what to expect in your suit and how to make it a perfect fit.


Pattern can’t be avoided

Of course, everyone loves patterns, but you can’t choose a stripped, printed, or check sort of pattern in the professional suit. It will not only look odd but also won’t satisfy the purpose. The bespoke business suit is focused to enhance your image and make you look smart and classy. It is best to keep the pattern simple, it will still manage to add charm and styling to your wardrobe.

You can never go wrong with solid colors and patterns. If you want to add more texture to it, there are different simple yet classy textures to add to your pattern. Make sure it looks a bit solid too since solid makes you look professional.


Color Matter

For your business suits, you can’t go for colors that are light and sparkly. You can only choose from a few options, Either black, charcoal, navy, and something similar to these. Depending upon your skin tone choose the color that will enhance your image and make you look cool. Whichever color you choose from the shades mentioned above, you are surely going to rock the outfit.


Picking a suit, and planning a business suit are two very different things! The bespoke business suit will tend to add more value to your appearance, giving you the right style and touch. You need to be very practical and seek help from your tailor to get the right outfit designed. Book an appointment with Tailor at Msnellbespoke Store and get all your doubts cleared.

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