The ideal waistcoat for men should have high armholes and fit snugly around your chest and shoulders. It should not pull at the rear fabric or in the buttons, however. Avoid excess material whatsoever costs. It will just make you look bigger than you are. Here is how to enhance your looks and personality with waistcoat.

Button Up

A waistcoat can make you look elegant and put together. Leaving it unbuttoned destroys that look. Just like a men’s suit coat, the final button should be left undone (this stop it from pulling when you lift your arms) but the rest need buttoned.

Do not do the Waiter Appearance

You need to appear sophisticated. Avoid the shiny polyester connected with wait staff and rather choose seasonal substances. Tweed works well for winter and cotton or cotton blends for summertime. If you can, avoid any unnecessary information. The waistcoat itself is the announcement piece. You do not need anything additional.

Ways to Wear a Waistcoat

As soon as you have the perfect waistcoat, understanding how to wear it’s the next step.

Pick Similar Textures: Men’s Tweed Jackets and Waistcoats

If you aren’t certain how to wear your waistcoat, consider pairing it with a feel that’s similar to it. A men’s tweed waistcoat works well with different varieties of lace and wool. If you are trying to enhance your look, pair a tweed waistcoat with a tweed coat. As soon as you become more confident with wearing the waistcoat, you should begin changing up textures and experimenting a bit more.


Though you might not spend a good deal of time layering through the summer, in the winter, layering is the best thing you can do to remain comfortable all day long. A waistcoat delivers a unique and aesthetically pleasing option. Adding this coating will help make certain you look sharp and brilliant as soon as you take off your overcoat.

Blend the Colours of Your Waistcoat and Suit

The fabric that your waistcoat is made of will vary with every season, just as your suits and coats do. If you are working with the exact textures for both your waistcoat and other layers, then make your waistcoat stand out with a contrasting, but complementary shade.

What Colour of Waistcoat Fits With my Navy –or Lighter Blue- match?

If you are sporting a navy wool suit during winter, for example, consider pairing it with a gray tweed or plain waistcoat. A light blue shirt and gray tie retain the color scheme going and leaves the outfit to appear complete.

What is the Best Waistcoat for my Black Suit?

You may wear a black suit if you wish to appear uber-formal and do not have a great deal of room for improvising, and needless to say, black suits are an absolute staple piece.

We recommend pairing a black suit with a gray waistcoat.

Even if you aren’t wearing your jacket, a gray waistcoat from Msnellbespoke will always look great with black pants. At Msnellbespoke Store you will get your waistcoat tailored by Bespoke Tailors, so here you will get best dressing experience.

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